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3 Sites Deliverable in 2018

North Signal and Westport Capital are developing speculative and build-to-suit industrial sites designed to provide the ultimate flexibility and customization to suit the needs of the variety of users looking to take advantage of Charleston's unique opportunities.


Want to see if North Pointe Commerce Park's speculative or build-to-suit industrial sites can meet your space needs?


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Delivery Dates

Speculative Building | September 2018

Build-to-Suit | 2H 2018

SAIC Build-to-Suit | December 2018

SITE 2 - coming soon

Why North Pointe Commerce Park?

Diverse Tenant Base

Ideal for:

Logistics Companies

Aerospace and Automotive Suppliers

Defense Contractors

Light Manufacturers

Last-Mile Distribution

Life Sciences

Information Technology

Superior Location

Proximity to all shipping terminals

Close to Boeing, Bosch and Daimler

Four-lane access from 526

Multiple routes to I-26

Ready Workforce

Charleston MSA growing by 50 people a day

Neighborhood south of park (Tanner Plantation) offers variety of residential, retail and restaurants


2 sites in North Pointe Commerce Park owned by North Signal Capital

Site 1 breaking ground Sept. 2017

Site 2 planned for build-to-suit

Driving Distance

I-26: 4.5 miles


I-526: 4.6 miles


I-95: 43.5 miles


North Charleston Terminal: 5.3 miles


Charleston International Airport: 8.8 miles


Wando Welch Terminal: 14 miles


Boeing Interiors Responsibility Center: 10.6 miles


Daimler Vans Manufacturing: 10.5 miles


Boeing Final Assembly: 8.2 miles


SPAWAR: 5.5 miles


Norfolk Southern & CSX Hubs: 6.3 miles


Bosch Plant: 11.5 miles

Port of Charleston Terminals

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